Stop Work Notices on Public Works

As a contractor or subcontractor in the state of California, it is important for your success and viability that you are paid on time and according to the terms of your construction contract or agreement. This is particularly true when providing services, materials, labor or equipment to a California public works construction project.

While a contractor does have the legal right to sue if they are not fully compensated for the work and/or materials provided to a specific public work project, that right does not guarantee payment will be forthcoming. In such a situation, the best way to protect your legal interests and rights is to obtain a stop work notice on public works.

What is a Stop Work Notice?

According to California laws a stop work notice creates a claim or lien against any of the public work project's undisbursed construction funds. It is a legal way in which a contractor or subcontractor can protect his or her interests, and be provided with the security of knowing he or she will be protected against any breach of contract or failure to pay.

Am I Eligible for a Stop Work Notice?

Not all contractors will be eligible to avail themselves of this particular legal action. To find out if you meet the requirements necessary for filing a stop work notice on public works, contact The Law Office of Steven R. Lovett as soon as possible.

Our firm has been providing high quality legal representation and advice to contractors and other construction professionals for almost 40 years. We take pride in helping clients resolve construction-related legal problems and we stand ready to help you pursue the most positive outcome in your situation. From beginning to end, we will be by your side to help you navigate through the complexities involved in filing and obtaining a stop notice.

To find out how you can benefit from obtaining a stop work notice on public works, contact a Los Angeles construction attorney at our firm today.

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