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Resolving Property Line Conflicts for Our Clients

There are many types of property disputes that can occur between neighbors. Among the most common of these are boundary line disputes. These conflicts arise when one party believes the other is encroaching past the boundary line separating two properties. If you are involved in such a dispute, you need experienced legal representation to help you assert your interests.

We at the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett have more than 40 years of experience when it comes to handling boundary line disputes. Whether you or your neighbor intends to establish a fence, a new structure, or sell the property, questions about where the property line lays between the two parcels must be resolved. We have the legal experience and knowledge it takes to investigate these issues and support our clients’ interests, which can include avoiding litigation or other costly legal actions.

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Common Types of Boundary Disputes

Not every boundary dispute is the same, although many fall within four categories: lot line disputes; fence, landscaping, and outbuilding disputes; access disputes; and adverse possession claims.

Lot Line Disputes

A lot line dispute commonly arises during real estate transactions or when a property owner orders a survey in preparation for refinancing or a construction project. A neighbor may disagree on where the lot line between the two properties actually lays, so it will require obtaining the original records and an accurate survey to determine the accurate location. Once this is ascertained, the transaction or construction project can continue.

Fence, Landscaping & Outbuilding Disputes

Disputes concerning fences, landscaping, and outbuildings occur when a neighbor claims another party’s features or structures cross the boundary line and are encroaching upon their property. While this is in essence a lot line dispute, there is the added challenge of determining what to do with features and structures if the party alleging the encroachment is correct. Solutions can range from dismantling offending features, to granting easements or even selling the land where the features are located.

Access Disputes

Access disputes concern situations in which one property owner must cross or enter a neighboring property. This can be the case when entering another person’s property is required to access a public road or parking. If no easements or licenses exist, these may need to be negotiated between the property owners or disputed in court.

Adverse Possession Claims

Adverse possession occurs when a trespasser moves onto a neglected property and can become eligible to acquire a title to it after certain conditions are met. Usually, those seeking adverse possession must demonstrate five years of open (not secret) and uninterrupted possession of another’s land and payment of property taxes for said land.

Property owners who wish to contest adverse possession claims should contact our boundary line dispute attorney in Los Angeles to learn more about their legal options when dealing with trespassers and squatters.

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If you are involved in a boundary line dispute with a neighbor, you need experienced legal representation on your side. We at the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett have more than 40 years of experience assisting clients with real estate issues such as these.

Rest assured that serious legal action can be avoided with competent counsel on your side, but we’re nonetheless prepared to help our clients fight for their rights and interests no matter what it takes.

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