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Construction defects can involve breaches of trust. A discovered defect can lead to thousands of dollars in material loss, death, injuries, expert costs and legal issues. If an incident occurs because defective parts were used in the design, construction, or repair of property which causes grave injury or extensive property damage, a construction defects lawyer should be contacted.

Construction Defects in Real Estate Law

Construction defects can refer to any category of error in the construction process, from design to workmanship. Depending on where it occurs in the process, the defect in the construction could lead to catastrophic failure of the entire structure or to portions of it being substandard.

For a construction defect to be litigated, it must include the following:

  • The defect must have occurred during a level of the construction process, design, materials, or workmanship.
  • The defect must be the cause of structural failure.
  • The defect or failure must cause material damages to a person or property.

Types of Construction Defects

There are three main types of construction defects: Design, material, and workmanship. Each type of defect represents an essential aspect of the construction process.

  • Design Defects are missing elements or display shortcomings in the design process. Typically, these defects are an omission of some vital component of the structure’s design. The cause could be a professional error or an intentional omission. Errors can be remedied through redesign, and changes to construction techniques or methodology can remedy omissions.
  • Material Defects can be caused by damaged or flawed building materials. Damaged or inadequate materials can cause defects because these problems often aren’t discovered until they’ve been added to a structure. Material defects can be expensive because corrections require additional labor and materials.
  • Workmanship Defects are what most people consider construction defects, but workmanship defects are the result of errors by the contractor due to failures to adhere to building plans, specifications or industry standards. Workmanship issues can range from minor issues like décor to serious issues like structural problems.

It can be difficult for construction defect litigators to determine the cause and establish liability in these cases. Discovering the cause of the failure to adhere to the construction standard of care can be challenging. Generally, an expensive expert witness is required. Once investigation and research have led to a type of construction defect being determined, the case and defect are later categorized as patent or latent.

Patent defects are obvious defects that can be identified through a standard inspection by a contractor or trade specialist. Latent defects are hidden defects that cannot be seen without removal of portions of a structure. Other building materials or structural components typically conceal latent defects. Latent defects are difficult to find even with professionals inspecting the structure thoroughly.

Because they are usually surface issues, patent defects are easier to fix, but latent defects can be costly and difficult to isolate and repair.

Building projects need to be built according to construction standards of care. Adhering to preset standards of construction means there is an expectation of quality products and industry-appropriate workmanship. It also means that the property should be constructed according to all design documents and contracts.

Construction specialists should review all contracts and documents, visit the worksite to become familiarized with the local site and conditions, and complete all work according to the standard of care and acceptable workmanship standards.

Los Angeles Construction Defect Lawyers

Construction defect cases require legal assistance from a knowledgeable professional who knows what to look for. It is critical to find a lawyer who can handle a multi-faceted, legally complex case. Sometimes these cases also included personal injury claims that are connected to the construction defects. At the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett, we provide Los Angeles construction defect legal representation.

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