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When you come to the Los Angeles Law Office of Steven R. Lovett, you get the benefit of an attorney with over 40 years of experience with all facets of business litigation.

We have worked with clients in a number of industries who are facing a wide range of disputes and issues, including:

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“Steve Lovett has been our go to business attorney since 1980. That in itself says a lot about how we feel regarding his guidance and consistently strong service. When we call for advice he usually returns calls the same day. He has reliably provided erudite representation and recommendations. In short, he has proven himself to be a trustworthy consultant and attorney.”

What is Business or Commercial Litigation?

Business or commercial litigation refers to legal disputes arising in the corporate world. It involves conflicts among businesses, individuals, or entities related to financial or contractual matters. These disputes encompass various issues like breach of contract, partnership disputes, fraud, shareholder disagreements, and more. Commercial litigators handle these cases, aiming to resolve conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or, if necessary, litigation in court. The goal is to protect clients' interests, enforce contractual obligations, seek compensation, or defend against allegations, ensuring fair and just resolutions between businesses.

At Law Office of Steven R. Lovett the qualified attorneys at our Los Angeles business litigation law firm can help resolve the most complex of commercial disputes. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have a business matter you are trying to resolve.

Establishing a Strong Business Litigation Case

We believe that the best strategy comes from gathering facts and digging for details. We will collect documentation and records to back your case. Most of all, we will discuss all options with you — pros and cons — to help you decide what is in your best interest. We want to give you all the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about how your case moves forward.

Ways to Avoid Business Litigation

Avoiding commercial litigation in Los Angeles involves proactive measures to mitigate potential conflicts. This includes ensuring clear and comprehensive contracts, adhering to legal regulations, and practicing transparent communication. Employing dispute resolution methods like mediation or arbitration can also resolve issues before they escalate.

Regular legal counsel from seasoned business litigation attorneys near you in Los Angeles can help navigate compliance and prevent legal pitfalls. Maintaining professionalism, honoring agreements, and seeking amicable solutions can often preempt disputes, fostering positive relationships and minimizing the likelihood of contentious legal battles.

Is Alternative Dispute Resolution Better for You?

It might be that you can resolve an issue through mediation or arbitration. Not only is alternative dispute resolution generally a more cost-effective and timely method, it can save you from the emotional wear and tear of going to trial.

When business litigation is necessary, however, your lawyer, Steven R. Lovett, will fight aggressively on your behalf. When alternative resolution dispute can solve your problem for less money, we will put that option on the table.

Do I Need a Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney?

Engaging help from a skilled lawyer at a reputable Los Angeles business litigation law firm such as Law Office of Steven R. Lovett is crucial when facing legal disputes or anticipating potential conflicts. Our attorneys offer expertise in navigating complex legal processes, ensuring compliance, and protecting your interests. We can analyze cases, provide legal strategies, and represent you in negotiations or court proceedings.

Our insights help weigh the risks, offer solutions, and safeguard your rights, potentially saving time and resources while increasing the likelihood of a favorable resolution. Having a skilled business litigation attorney on your side minimizes legal complexities, solidifies your defense, and maximizes the potential for a successful outcome in business disputes.

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    - Dr. Pamela Morton
  • “Steve Lovett has been our go to business attorney since 1980. That in itself says a lot about how we feel regarding his guidance and consistently strong service. When we call for advice he usually ...”

    - Richard B. Lehman, CID, EnvironeticsĀ®
  • “I had a very positive experience with Steven Lovett. He took the extra step to resolve the issues I had and, in a shorter than anticipated time; my ordeal was over. I would highly recommend him to any ...”

    - J. Timbol, William's Paving
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    - Rafi Sharon, Globe Remodeling Inc.