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With thousands of building permits issued annually in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, contractors, design professionals, property owners, and developers need an experienced Los Angeles construction attorney to help them navigate the complicated legal issues surrounding construction law. We have over 40 years of experience in representing and advising clients as they build, design or contract for homes or other structures, protecting their livelihood or investment.

The Law Office of Steven R. Lovett focuses on what we call "preventive law." We emphasize prevention over cure — it is typically much more time- and cost-effective to manage risk before a dispute arises than to litigate later. When disputes do arise, however, we will look for alternative resolutions, such as mediation, whenever practical. If litigation or arbitration becomes necessary, our attorney will litigate or arbitrate aggressively on your behalf. If you need construction assistance, please contact the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett as soon as possible.

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“Mr. Lovett has been my counsel for over ten years. He has been representing and consulting my firm in construction and real estate matters and me. During that time Mr. Lovett has successfully negotiated and settled disputes for me as a plaintiff as well as the defendant. He has always been straightforward and extremely informative. I would highly recommend him as counsel.”

Who Needs Construction Law Assistance?

It is almost inevitable that disputes arise when dealing with construction matters. The Law Office of Steven R. Lovett has over 40 years of real estate and construction law experience.

We utilize our skills in said areas to help:

No construction issue is too simple or complex for our firm to handle and we strive to successfully resolve every client's legal issues.

What Does a Construction Lawyer Do

A construction lawyer is there to help mediate agreement between two parties so there aren't any disputes down the line. They help both parties understand the terms and ensure finance agreements are established for the upcoming construction project.

Let Our Law Firm Help You Avoid Litigation

By ensuring that contracts are fair and enforceable, that liens are accurate, and that disputes are documented in advance can save you the emotional wear and tear — and considerable expense — of litigation. Here are just a few simple things you can do as part of your own preventive law strategy:

  • Keep accurate records: Pay special attention to change orders, delays or requests for additional work
  • Send confirmation letters: These help avoid confusion and misunderstanding, especially when your client is required to sign and return a copy to you
  • Get a credit report or check bank references: Find out in advance how credit-worthy your client is
  • Check for proper licensure: Retaining an unlicensed contractor or subcontractor can be asking for trouble

As a law firm with vast experience in construction law, we know what details are most often overlooked. Call us for more information.

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Client Testimonials
  • “We highly appreciate having his advocacy on our side.”

    - Roie Maor
  • “Lovett got it right away and was spot-on. He got right to the point and encouraged me not to go off on tangents. He managed me well throughout a difficult case. Lovett was fair/reasonable in the fees ...”

    - Dr. Pamela Morton
  • “Steve Lovett has been our go to business attorney since 1980. That in itself says a lot about how we feel regarding his guidance and consistently strong service. When we call for advice he usually ...”

    - Richard B. Lehman, CID, EnvironeticsĀ®
  • “I had a very positive experience with Steven Lovett. He took the extra step to resolve the issues I had and, in a shorter than anticipated time; my ordeal was over. I would highly recommend him to any ...”

    - J. Timbol, William's Paving
  • “Mr. Lovett has been my counsel for over ten years. He has been representing and consulting my firm in construction and real estate matters and me. During that time Mr. Lovett has successfully ...”

    - Rafi Sharon, Globe Remodeling Inc.