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Lease Negotiation Attorney in Los Angeles

Representing Commercial Landlords & Tenants

The Law Office of Steven R. Lovett has more than 40 years of experience in real estate law, including commercial lease negotiations for landlords and tenants. Whether you’re looking for a place to start your business or searching for a tenant to occupy your commercial real estate, our attorney can represent your interests during any commercial lease negotiation.

Lease Negotiation Services We Provide in Los Angeles

We can provide the following services and more for either party in a lease negotiation:

  • Lease drafting and review
  • Office leases
  • Retail leases
  • Industrial leases
  • Letters of intent
  • Termination and work-out agreements
  • Permitted transfers
  • Subleases
  • Renewals
  • Extension agreements
  • Estoppel certificates and related documents

During more than four decades of business, we’ve found that clients involved in lease negotiations greatly benefit from personalized service no matter how common their needs may seem. Each party involved in any given lease negotiation has interests that are unique and important for them to secure, so we make it our goal to deliver legal support that helps them reach a favorable outcome.

If you would like to learn more about what our lease negotiation attorney in Los Angeles can do for you, take advantage of scheduling a free initial telephonic consultation with us.

You can reach someone at the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett who can help by contacting us online or by calling (888) 577-1518 today.

Representation for Commercial Tenants

Leasing commercial real estate is a much different process than leasing a residential property. Because you will be conducting your business on this property, you need to be sure that the provisions of your lease won’t impede your business goals or objectives.

An experienced attorney like ours will become familiar with the nature of your company and analyze a proposed lease for any potential issues that could artificially limit your company’s capabilities. Uncovering traps like these during the negotiation phase can result in more favorable provisions or avoiding an undesirable lease altogether.

Understand that a lease offered by a landlord is looking out for the landlord’s interests, but it’s not set in stone either. With assistance from our lease negotiation attorney in Los Angeles, you can negotiate for more agreeable terms and avoid common pitfalls that could otherwise ensnare your business.

Assisting Landlords with Careful Negotiation

Your commercial real estate is an investment that needs to work for you. If you’re a landlord, your goal is to lock the right tenant into a lease that protects your interests. We can help you craft a lease that secures your interests and properly indemnifies you against liabilities you are not willing to assume.

Should a potential tenant wish to negotiate the terms of a lease with you, we can provide the legal support you need to assert your interests while striving to reach an agreeable outcome.

Why Choose The Law Office of Steven R. Lovett?

If you need a lease negotiation lawyer in Los Angeles, you have many options – but sometimes an abundance of choice is a burden. What we offer at the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett goes beyond our legal skills honed across more than 40 years of experience – what we offer is a personalized approach.

Lease negotiations should be handled as delicately and seriously as any other legal matter. That’s why our clients’ needs and interests drive everything we do for them. We understand that what worked for a past client won’t always apply to a new one, so we shape a new strategy for each client and adapt it to new challenges as we encounter them.

For more information about what it’s like to work with the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett, please contact us online.

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