Legal Assistance with Filing a Design Professional Lien

For the last 30 years, The Law Office of Steven R. Lovett has been successfully representing contractors and other construction professionals throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. We are dedicated to seeing that your rights as a contractor, engineer, architect, or design professional are fully protected. We are also committed to providing you with the high-quality, aggressive representation you need to help you succeed your chosen field and profession.

One of the legal means by which a designer, architect, engineer or other design professional can collect on an unfulfilled financial obligation for work and/or services rendered, is by filing to have a design professional lien placed against the property. There are certain requirements which must be met before a design professional lien can be filed. To improve your chances of success, we strongly recommend you contact our firm and speak with our Los Angeles construction lawyer without delay. We understand how difficult and stressful it can be when a client fails to fulfill a contractual agreement despite you having fulfilled the terms of a contract. We have been able to help numerous clients recover the payment they are rightfully owed by using various legal methods of recourse.

To file a design professional lien you will need to have obtained a building permit, or other authorization from the appropriate government office for the work you agreed to perform. You must also have a written, contractual agreement between yourself and the property owner to perform said work. You will need to show clear evidence that the owned violated the contract by refusing to pay or defaulting on agreed-upon payments. You will then need to make at least one written demand for payment, and your demand must be sent via registered mail or certified first-class mail with postage prepaid. You will also be required to show that you are legally licensed in the state of California and that your license was valid for the duration of the project on which you are seeking a lien.

Our firm will be able to help you document and provide all the necessary evidence to file for a design professional lien. We will be a strong advocate on your behalf and we can be counted on to do everything possible to help you bring your legal issues to resolution. To begin the process of filing a design professional lien, contact our firm at once.