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What are my Rights as a Real Estate Buyer in California?

As a real estate consumer, you have many rights to make sure you are receiving the real estate that you are paying for. It is important to have a skilled Los Angeles real estate attorney throughout the process to ensure that your rights are protected. The main rights that are important to be aware of when purchasing real estate in the state of California include:

  1. The right to interview and choose professionals to help in purchasing the home including the real estate agent, lender and inspection company
  2. The right to use the Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA-CA) when making an offer on the property
  3. The right to know the relationship between the real estate agent and the seller
  4. The right to access all documents regarding the real estate and keep copies to protect your rights
  5. The right to approve or disapprove of the property that you have put an offer on (which has been accepted) due to the condition of the home or the environment surrounding the real estate without being penalized
  6. The right to negotiate repairs of the property or to receive credit in lieu of the repairs within a certain timeframe
  7. The right to conduct tests on the property to look for any structural issues or environmental problems
  8. The right to obtain copies of all signed documents in the transaction
  9. The right to move into the home as soon as the documents are the recorded and the time is consistent with the terms of the contract
  10. The right to walk away from the purchase if in escrow

Purchasing real estate is a big commitment and being aware of your rights is imperative. Team up with a Los Angeles real estate lawyer from the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett for help in your real estate transaction. Call today for a free telephone consultation!