Construction Workers

How to Prevent Construction Litigation

Construction litigation can be a costly and time consuming process. In order to avoid this occurrence, there are several preventative measures that you can take. While many hope their construction process will involve making a design, bidding and building, all too often there is a fourth step, litigation. Litigation can cause many unnecessary headaches, which is why our firm has provided a simple checklist of ideas to help you avoid construction litigation.

Checklist for Avoiding Construction Litigation

  1. Keep record of all proposals made and make sure they are all in writing, not oral or implied
  2. Make sure you fully understand the details of the contract before signing and agreeing to the terms
  3. Figure out which permits and approvals are required before construction begins
  4. Meet with an expert to make sure there are not any design issues and that the plans comply with the federal, state and local laws
  5. Retain consultants if necessary, such as architects, engineers and land planners
  6. Come clean about any potential issues you know of that would affect the project
  7. Discuss a detailed timeline so all parties are on the same page regarding completion dates
  8. Make it known if there are delays throughout the process
  9. Make sure payment terms are clear in the beginning

Arbitration and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

If there are still problems regarding the construction project, consider arbitration or alternative methods of dispute resolution. Oftentimes a solution can be reached without the high cost and time involved in litigation. If you are approaching litigation; however, make sure to have a skilled Los Angeles construction lawyer by your side. Whether you need representation in an arbitration, negotiation or litigation process, contact the Law Office of Steven R. Lovett. We aim to help our clients get through the process and quickly and painless as possible. Call today for a free telephonic consultation!